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Help for the sensible integration of Bartender & SAP.

Using Bartender with SAP

We are one of the few specialist SAP consultants that can provide you with comprehensive support in integrating the powerful Bartender labelling software into SAP. We can seamlessly integrate the labelling system into your workflow, creating a functional, best-practice solution.

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What is Bartender?

Bartender increases the security and efficient automation and creation of labels, barcodes, and RFID tags.

Bartender is the best-selling labelling software in the world. When integrated seamlessly with SAP, the proven reliability of the Bartender labelling system offers several advantages:

  • accelerated goods movements along the entire supply chain
  • reliable compliance with industry regulations
  • dynamic data
  • compatible with all common office printers
  • high ease of use

Advantages of Bartender-SAP integration

With Bartender, you have a sophisticated labelling system that can integrate seamlessly with SAP's business systems across the enterprise.

When integrated, events are created in SAP for Bartender to respond to. When an event occurs, the corresponding action is automatically triggered without your staff having to launch Bartender or other applications.

The result is a high-performance, flexible platform for greater efficiency at the enterprise level, for example in these areas:

automatic start of the print job due to a triggering event such as receipt of an email, saving a file, or changes to a database

comprehensive support of SAP, Oracle, and IBM WebSphere connectivity when integrated with ERP systems

connection and communication with clients via TCP/IP, UDP, or HTTP

perform basic file operations such as renaming, moving, copying, deleting, etc.

Bartender ist bereits seit mehr als 30 Jahren die verlässliche Lösung zur Optimierung von Labeling- und Druckprozessen. Es verbessert Sicherheit, Compliance und Effizienz und passt sich Ihrem Wachstum flexibel an.

Eine Übersicht zu Integration und Konfiguration finden Sie im Integratationshandbuch von Bartender.

Services related to Bartender & SAP

The Gerold Gülker consultancy team has been your contact for targeted SAP enhancements for more than 20 years. We support companies large and small around the world with planning and implementing their chosen solutions.

Bartender SAP Beratung

Bartender ↔ SAP Consulting

As experienced SAP consultants, we take your business processes into consideration as we advise on the selection of the appropriate Bartender edition and all the other issues relating to automated label printing and integration in SAP.

Bartender Software SAP Integration

Bartender ↔ SAP development / integration

We can carry out the entire integration of Bartender into your SAP system for you. When developing a tailor-made solution, you benefit from the expertise that we have acquired while developing our own SAP-addOns and tools under the GOpus name.

Bartender SAP Schulung

Bartender ↔ SAP training

In order for your employees to benefit immediately from Bartender's many advantages, we can develop an individual training concept and also offer in-house training for your company. In doing so, we can draw on practical knowledge obtained from numerous partnerships.

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