Online event: “E-invoicing obligation on the home stretch” on December 12th!

A member survey by the German-speaking SAP user group eV (DSAG) shows that a majority of 66 percent of the 145 companies surveyed already have a solution for sending electronic invoices. However, the number of companies that have sent more than 100 invoices to date is significantly lower at 48 percent and clearly shows that many companies have not yet used their solutions intensively.

75 percent of companies continue to use email as a way of sending invoices. Only 29 percent send out their e-mails ZUGfERD (PDF with embedded XRechnung). Two-thirds use one of the federal and state invoice receipt platforms or Peppol for the transfer, 19 percent use portals from third-party providers.

Find out more about our e-billing solution for SAP ERP and S/4HANA here. In a live demo we will show you how to send via ZUGFeRD, how to connect to public portals or to Peppol.

Source: DSAG







eInvoiceDSAG survey: 2/3 with e-billing solution, 50% in use