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Structured trade data for your SAP.

TDOnline is a hierarchically structured trade database. The provider of this TradeDimensions database is The Nielsen Company (Germany) GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. We connect TDOnline to your SAP.

What can the TDOnline database do?​​

The database is a web application on the Internet which is optimised for versions from Windows Explorer 8. It allows for location-independent working without installation routines. The chosen update is automatically available to guarantee that all users are always working on the latest version of the data.

The content of the database can be defined by the customer, i.e. the customer determines what data are needed. It is possible to choose from various business universes which are aligned to the customer's business interests.

In addition to the business universes, the parent trading company can also be obtained. In this way, the customer gets the complete structure tree - of the business - via distribution lines - to the headquarters

With the product "GOpus TD interface for SAP ERP" you receive a module with the ability to upload the data from TradeDimensions to the SAP ERP system. There, the data are maintained as customer hierarchy master data and customer class characteristics which can then be used within their SAP system landscape for all needs and concerns.​

Would you like to integrate TDOnline in your SAP?

GOpus TD interface makes this simple and easy. Write to us.

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