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GOpus Cockpit for CargoWiz

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The user-friendly access to CargoWiz.

By means of a cockpit application in the SAP ERP, a direct and very user-friendly access to the successful and world-renowned cargo software CargoWiz by Softtruck is obtained. Through a partnership between Softtruck and Gerold Gülker system consulting, the idea to develop an interface between SAP ERP and CargoWiz arose.



Why CargoWiz is used so often:

Easy to use

Customer enquiries relating to the required loading capacities (pallets, trucks, container, collies, etc.) of planned orders can be answered quickly and in advance.

Determining the proper truck or container size for dispatch

Fully automatic consideration of the requirements in your stock picking, loading sequences, groups, max. stacking, orientation of the package, loading prohibitions, only poultry farming etc.

The result of optimising the cargo space can be transferred automatically to the SAP via the "Export loading results according to ERP".

Based on the available resources, CargoWiz creates loading lists with three-dimensional packaging proposals in just a few seconds - for the best possible choice of the appropriate boxes, an optimal pallet, as well as maximum utilisation of various carriers of standard and special containers from trucks to collies and wagons.

Cost savings through the optimal utilisation of the cargo space

The product "GOpus cockpit for CargoWiz" allows for a quick and easy transfer of the CargoWiz data results to the SAP.

By means of a direct connection to the SAP ERP, the CargoWiz results are displayed directly and allow for the creation of any number of cargoes (trucks, containers, etc.) at the "click of a button" in an SAP Sales Document. The three-dimensional loading lists per transport can be uploaded as a document to the record in the SAP. For further processing, a delivery can be created per load.

Insights into GOpus cockpit for CargoWiz

Get a first impression of the most user-friendly possibility of connecting CargoWiz with SAP.

Would you like to connect CargoWiz to SAP?

GOpus cockpit for CargoWiz is the answer. Write to us.

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