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Working securely with our outgoing e-billing solution – the IDW PS 880 certification

In addition to functional further development, safe and legally compliant work is the top priority for our add-ons.

A certification according to IDW exam standard 880 gives you the security that accounting-relevant processes and software applications comply with legal requirements.

The audit was carried out by the auditing company HLB Dr. Stückmann und Partner mdB under the following criteria:

  • Proper accounting principles
  • Principles for the proper management and storage of documents in electronic form and for data access
  • IDW statement on accounting "Principles of proper accounting when using information technology" (IDW RS FAIT 1)
  • the IDW examination standard "Final examination when using information technology"

We're proud of that GOpus® eInvoice has been successfully certified according to IDW PS 880. Our users not only have a secure feeling when they generate e-invoices integrated in SAP, they also get it certified in black and white.

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