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In October 2022, as part of the annual congress of the German-speaking SAP user group eV. (DSAG) announced that it would not itself offer an S/4HANA successor for the industry solution IS-H (health care and healthcare).

From 2023, the providers of hospital information systems (HIS) are to provide additional interfaces that support industry standards and, in general, the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as an extension platform. At the DSAG annual congress in Leipzig, SAP was able to announce a preliminary result, which disappointed users: there will be no successor solution for the SAP industry solution Healthcare (IS-H) in the S/4HANA ERP world.

The user association, represented by spokesman for the DSAG healthcare working group Michael Pfeil, criticizes SAP for having moved away from the original greenfield transformation roadmap by carrying out shell conversion. From the point of view of the user association, the actual added value of a shell conversion is no longer given. SAP justifies this step by saying that a greenfield conversion is too expensive, but from the user's point of view this also applies to a shell conversion. With regard to IS-H, the DSAG cannot see the added value of a shell conversion. There is a lack of reference projects in the health sector, as is the expertise on the part of the service providers. A survey by DSAG also shows that the S/4HANA projects are also lagging behind among those surveyed. In addition, the basic attitude towards cloud applications was asked, in which 11 percent categorically ruled them out, 62 percent considered the use of cloud applications conceivable, but not for health data, and 24 percent considered conceivable. 4 percent state that they would like to use cloud applications.

In November 2022, GITG AG announced that it wanted to develop a successor to SAP IS-H together with partners. It has been clear since the end of March: GITG from Hamburg has found competent development partners in Swisscom AG from Switzerland and Common MS (Spain). GOpus will also support the IS-H successor with expertise in the field of e-invoicing. A solution that can be used productively has already been announced for 2025.

If you want more information on the timetable until the start of an IS-H successor, register for our online event "Clinics in the SAP transformation on May 4th, 2023, in which the GITG will also be available for questions on the subject. In addition, we will present our e-invoice solution for SAP SD, IS-H (and their successor solution) and show you how you can easily and practically generate, send and monitor your electronic invoices.



About usThe successor to the industry solution IS-H in S/4HANA will be available by 2025