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What is SAP test equipment management?

Simplified management of measuring and test equipment

Testing equipment is used by many companies for quality management purposes. It must reliably meet the specified performance criteria.

The integrated SAP test equipment management facilitates management of the equipment data, the planning of tests, and the scheduling of calibration tests for the equipment.

This way you get reliable, objective measurement results when checking your quality and as a sound basis for decisions.

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Advantages of SAP test equipment management

SAP test equipment management offers many advantages to companies at various levels. As part of a continuous process improvement, mistakes can be avoided and a sustainable QM introduced for lower operating costs and higher customer satisfaction.


Quality certificates are printed directly upon delivery to the customer.

Monitoring of complaints

Complaints from suppliers and customers go straight into SAP quality notifications.

Optimised process control

The quality integration ensures compliance with the quality regulations during production.

Integration & features

SAP test equipment management

Calibration checks can be planned and carried out with SAP test equipment management.

It also links the quality management (QM) and plant maintenance (PM) components of the application.

Create master records for each piece of equipment

Define maintenance cycles in the maintenance plan

Group similar test equipment for efficient testing

Define quantitative and qualitative test specifications, e.g. for repeat measurements, tolerances, or setpoints.

In addition, SAP test equipment management can be linked to subcontracting, so that externally calibrated inspection equipment can also be managed. Performance or time-dependent calibration intervals are possible if the test equipment shows special signs of wear.

SAP test equipment management automatically generates a clear maintenance history and can ensure suitable test equipment with reasonable service life is available.

You will find many other functions relating to the planning of calibration checks with SAP test equipment management in the SAP Help Portal.

GOpus Easy PMV

Our cockpit makes your test equipment management more efficient.

Our SAP-addOn GOpus Easy PMV simplifies test equipment management processes via the integrated cockpit and assists in the complete planning and execution of internal and external test equipment monitoring.

The solution uses SAP standard data objects and functions with modification-free extensions. It is a release-independent add-on.

An individually configurable menu bar in the cockpit with predefined functions and transactions, such as mass maintenance of test equipment, rebooking of test equipment, and uploading of certificates to the inspection lot, ensure fast, convenient and simple test equipment management in the SAP system.

The cockpit also offers a configurable traffic light function for monitoring test dates and status.

By using the GOpus Easy PMV solution, the complex management of maintenance strategies and plans will be a thing of the past. This will make test equipment processes more efficient and saves costs in the medium term.

GOpus Easy PMV (PDF)

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