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What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a world-leading cloud-based procurement and supply chain software. Ariba provides a comprehensive solution for companies to buy, sell, ship, pay, and analyze commercial relationships. SAP software enables companies to manage and automate their trading processes to achieve cost savings, efficiency and transparency.

SAP Ariba brings a variety of features that enable purchasing organizations to create a single, comprehensive, integrated procurement and supply chain management system for an efficient and effective supply chain. This includes:


  • Purchasing:
    With SAP Ariba, companies can purchase products and services from suppliers around the world. With the purchasing module, companies can select products and services offered, compare and evaluate prices, place orders and track payments.
  • Sale:
    At the same time, SAP Ariba enables companies to sell (purchased) products and services to customers. With the sales module, businesses can create quotes, offer prices and discounts, track invoices and payments, and generate reports.
  • Delivery:
    With SAP Ariba, companies can inform suppliers and customers about lead times and deliveries. With the delivery module, the delivery and shipment of goods and services can be tracked and reports can be generated.
  • Payment:
    SAP Ariba provides the ability to track payments to suppliers and customers. The payment module allows you to manage payments, set payment terms and automate payments.
  • Analysis:
    Analytics can also be performed on SAP Ariba to identify savings, costs, and opportunities. With the analysis module, companies can track trade relationships, evaluate supplier performance and minimize trade risks.

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