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What is SAP Business Objects (SAP BO)?

SAP Business Objects (BO) is a powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence software developed by SAP to help companies extract meaningful information from their data. It allows to collect, analyze and understand values from different sources to make better decisions and get more value from your data.

SAP BO offers numerous tools and technologies with which companies can analyze values in real time, create visualizations and provide reports. This gives users a uniform view of their data. For a compact and clear presentation, individual dashboards can be created with the powerful dashboard design tool. Additional visualization tools allow information to be presented in simple and intuitive diagrams and graphics. Even complex analyzes based on data from different sources can be carried out with SAP Business Objects.

SAP BO also has mobile applications for different platforms and an intuitive user interface, with which users can quickly and easily access data and analyzes on the go.

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