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What is SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) is cloud-based planning software that companies can use to manage and optimize key business figures such as costs, sales or inventories. SAP Integrated Business Planning thus enables companies to carry out planning processes more quickly and at the same time to gain better control over the planning processes. With SAP IBP, changes in operational conditions can be reacted to quickly and business results can be raised to a higher level.

SAP IBP is based on the innovative S/4HANA technology and offers a range of powerful features that simplify planning processes and facilitate collaboration between different departments. It offers companies a centralized place to manage and track all relevant data and planning processes.

SAP Integrated Business Planning works by combining modular components, each optimized for specific planning and analysis activities. In addition to the preset planning templates, users can create customized plans tailored to their specific needs. The platform also offers a function to integrate external data sources to get a complete view of the planning activities.

SAP IBP consists of six modules that simplify planning across different areas. The financial planning module (1) enables companies to manage and analyze financial and budget data. The Supply Chain Planning Module (2) helps to plan and manage the supply chain. With the Demand Planning Module (3), companies can better understand and plan for demand and demand forecasting. The Inventory Planning Module (4) makes it possible to optimize and manage inventory management. With the production planning module (5) companies can plan and track the production process. The Sales and Operations Planning Module (6) helps companies align their strategies and goals with actual results.


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