What is SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)?

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) supports companies in automating and optimizing maintenance processes and thus making the maintenance of their plants more efficient and cost-effective. It is a module of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems .

SAP PM offers numerous functions from the planning of maintenance activities, the creation of maintenance orders and the management of resources through the monitoring and control of activities to the billing of maintenance orders. With SAP Plant Maintenance, maintenance orders, plant master data, maintenance master data, maintenance manuals or technical documentation can be easily created and managed. In this way, SAP PM enables integrated, company-wide management of maintenance work by providing a uniform platform for planning, controlling and monitoring maintenance.

Some of the features of SAP Plant Maintenance include:

  • Planning of maintenance activities, including defining goals, creating schedules and tracking progress
  • Creation of maintenance orders and tracking of progress
  • Management of maintenance resources, including maintenance job tracking, cost monitoring and administration
  • Monitoring and control of activities, including tracking progress and detecting deviations
  • Accounting for jobs, including registering consumables, controlling costs and generating reports

SAP PM can be used in various industries including power plants, chemical companies, oil and gas companies, energy producers and manufacturing plants.


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