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What is SAP Project System (SAP PS)?

SAP Project System (PS) is a component of the ERP system from SAP and represents a complete solution for project management and project controlling. SAP PS is special in that it does not necessarily have to work with other SAP modules, but can still be integrated into an existing SAP system (e.g. with the modules CO , p.m , SD , FI or pp ) . It IS used for project-related task and process control, helping organizations connect everyone involved in a project, reducing the cost and time it takes to complete a project.

SAP Project System offers comprehensive support for project planning, control, execution and accounting. This includes planning project resources, tasks, and costs, tracking deadlines and costs, generating project reports, planning and managing project work, and tracking project status and billing.

With SAP PS, organizational charts and schedules can be created or individual project steps can be tracked. The integrated calendar not only displays the appointments, but also monitors the associated events if desired. Resource planning and budget monitoring are automatically integrated into the overall project management process. Through insights into a comprehensive data situation, costs can be planned precisely and forecasts about the course of the project can be derived at any time.

SAP Project System uses a hierarchical structure model in which projects are divided into several levels in order to simplify the planning and control of the projects. In addition, it offers numerous functions to minimize project risks. This includes creating scenarios and simulation models, monitoring project costs, and creating reports that identify, assess, and manage any risks.

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