What is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAP SAC)?

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cloud-based, flexible and powerful business intelligence and analytics solution that helps companies make informed decisions and achieve the best possible results. It offers companies a wide range of functions and tools that enable them to collect data, analyze it, create reports and make forecasts. Based on SAC, data can thus be converted into meaningful insights in order to be able to make well-founded decisions. The SaaS-based business intelligence tool was formerly known as BusinessObjects for Cloud.

With the SAP Analytics Cloud, companies can view the data from various sources. A uniform database is guaranteed. The product is compatible with data from different databases, CRM and ERP solutions. SAP Analytics Cloud enables quick and easy creation of reports, dashboards and analyzes that are equipped with interactive visual elements such as charts, maps and tables. With SAC, companies can zoom in on individual data points to see the details and perform real-time analysis.

SAC has a wide range of features, including a powerful data mining engine that enables companies to build predictive models to identify trends and correlations. The BI tool also has tools to create budgets, plan scenarios and evaluate the impact of various decisions on the company's bottom line. In addition, SAP SAC offers storytelling applications that enable companies to wrap data and analytics into unique visual stories that are easy to understand and share.

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