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What Swisslog does

Intelligent automation solutions

Swisslog provides leading technologies to optimise logistics processes in health care facilities, distribution centres, and warehouses.

Based in Buchs, Switzerland, the Swiss company is a member of the KUKA Group, a global leader in intelligent automation solutions.

Our teams of experts provide outstanding support at more than 25 locations around the world. They accompany projects from planning to final implementation and provide follow-up service.

Seeking help with SAP & Swisslog?

We implement SAP projects together with Swisslog and ensure smooth data exchange in your warehouse systems.

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Gerold Gülker SAP Consulting

We offer our own SAP-addOns and tools under the GOpus brand. For example, we supported Apetito AG as they introduced Swisslog in a large logistics centre.


Swisslog SAP EWM

Fewer interfaces in the warehouse thanks to seamless integration.

SAP EWM is a highly efficient standardised warehouse management system for both automated and manual distribution centres and warehouses.

With a material flow system, it can be directly connected to SAP PLC. It can also be embedded in SAP ERP s/4 HANA or implemented as a decentralised system.

SAP EWM's large range of functions ensures greater transparency in intralogistics and the optimisation of operational processes.

High standardisation for lower risk of errors during operation

Comprehensive evaluations and reports based on different company data

Warehouse management monitor with cockpit options

Comprehensive mobile features

Swisslog SAP EWM lässt sich nahtlos in die SAP-Gesamtlandschaft integrieren und leistet so einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Effizienzsteigerung Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur.

Ein weiterer klarer Vorteil ist die hohe Benutzerfreundlichkeit dank klar strukturierter Bildschirmdarstellungen und einer intuitiven Bedienung.

SAP  consulting with experience in Swisslog solutions

Wir haben viele Jahre Erfahrung in der Integration von Swisslog Lösungen in SAP und dienen als primärer Ansprechpartner in allen Phasen Ihres Projekts.

Zu unseren Leistungen gehört die SAP Beratung sowie die Unterstützung zur Integration und Entwicklung individueller SAP Lösungen - angepasst an die Anforderungen der Logistikbranche. So helfen wir Ihnen Ihre Geschäftsprozesse zu vereinfachen und zu verbessern.

Um die Swisslog SAP Lösungen optimal einsetzen zu können, analysieren wir im ersten Schritt Ihre exakten Anforderungen.

Over 20 years of experience

Near-standard solutions

In-house training

Swisslog Reference: Apetito AG

Efficient logistics with Swisslog SAP and GOpus solutions

As a replacement for an old cold storage warehouse, apetito AG opened a new logistics centre in Rheine in 2013. Swisslog equipped the dispatch centre with state-of-the-art, efficient technology and implemented a warehouse management system that provides a comprehensive data exchange via a bidirectional interface to Apetito's SAP system to control all the processes in the new logistics centre.

For this purpose, the picking information is sent by the SAP system to Swisslog, which then reports back once the orders are fulfilled. For maximum efficiency, extensive load calculations ensure optimal utilisation of lorry load capacities and packing stations.

Each load carrier is set up in SAP as a single handling unit. In addition, the information is passed on to the Navkonzept telematics solution and OPTITOOL route optimiser.

Gülker's task was to produce a smooth data transfer from and to the various Apetito systems via IDOC and web service interfaces.

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