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Address Validation

Organize, locate and enrich address data on a global scale

With our solution for address validation, your SAP ERP or S/4HANA system automatically checks the correctness of the address entered by your business partners. If necessary, incorrect fields are corrected and enriched with the correct address data.
We ensure validation by sending the address to various map services (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps) via HTML request. get checked. At If an incorrect entry is made, an exact indication is displayed as to which entry must be corrected in which address field.

Useful address enhancements take place with our add-on, so that, for example, the district can be added or the appropriate place can be drawn from the postcode. The validation also forgives you small spelling mistakes and corrects them (if necessary) independently.

The users are informed of the exact test result via a detailed message, e.g. that the spelling of the street has been corrected or that the district has been added. Even in the case of faulty tests, the user finds out at which test level the problem occurred.

SAP Adress Validierung Module

additional modules

With the additional module geocoding the geo-coordinates of all requested addresses are stored in the system. This makes an even more precise address determination possible and is used e.g. B. helpful in the case of transport planning. With our Map integration you can display the geo-coordinated addresses on a map integrated in SAP. In addition, if necessary, you can move the marked point on the map and accept the new geo-coordinates. The add-on module Distance measurement calculates simple distances and/or travel times between one or more addresses for you. We also integrate Map waypoints the well-known Google Maps route planning in your SAP system. This gives you the option of displaying the routes between individual addresses, including the number of waypoints.

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Benefits of SAP address validation


Validation of all addresses


Validation through connection to several map services


high-quality address master


individual addresses through map integration


 Delivery rates for the delivery of goods and services



address validation