Easy Advanced Payment Processing

Solution for integrating automatic advance payment processing in SAP

Integrate advance payment processing in SAP


The implementation automated prepayment billing The SAP system offers numerous advantages for companies that want to optimize their financial and billing processes. Automation goes a long way in increasing the efficiency, accuracy and speed of prepayment billing. Within SAP, our solution offers the possibility of implementing automated prepayment processing directly in the system by creating and sending a prepayment request in the amount of 100 %.

our solution GOpus® eAP can be seamlessly integrated SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA integrate. Technically speaking, prepayment processing involves the creation of a sales document that is automatically provided with an invoicing schedule, which in turn automatically generates a 100%ige prepayment request to the customer. The sales document is marked with a delivery block. As soon as the customer has paid the advance payment request, the delivery block is automatically lifted after receipt of payment and the goods can be shipped to the customer. The final invoice, also known as the down payment invoice or final invoice, is created after the goods have been delivered. The resulting open item is automatically offset against the payment.

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Easy Advanced Payment Processing