Integrated QM in procurement

Integrated QM in procurement for SAP ERP and S/4HANA

Fulfill your desire for a central overview and secure protection of your procurement processes with the GOpus® Procurement Cockpit. Our solution offers you integrated quality management (QM) for procurement and ensures uniform and clear control of your quality standards.

With our integrated cockpit for QM in procurement, you achieve end-to-end quality control of your procurement processes, continuous process improvement and the avoidance of errors. 

Functions of the Procurement Cockpit

The simplified test equipment management from GOpus offers companies many advantages on various levels. As part of continuous process improvement, errors are avoided and sustainable QM introduced - for lower operating costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Central cockpit

Easy planning and intuitive implementation of
Q planning, Q testing and Q control


Simplified definition and monitoring of procurement processes, both internally and externally

Simplified mass maintenance

Simplified mass maintenance of relevant master data

Integration & range of functions

The continuous planning of the validation and the provision of a test plan and a test order, as well as the test documentation and definition of a follow-up action to ensure a continuous process and avoid errors, is made possible with the help of our cockpit.


Test planning / provision of test items / samples


Announcement of analysis / need for validation in the laboratory


Planning validation / test in the laboratory


Approval of analysis / need for validation by the laboratory

QM cockpit: tests and validations (LIMS)