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GOpus® payment reminder

Solution for sending emails for payment reminders and reminders in SAP ERP and S/4HANA


Automatic mailing for payment reminders and reminders

The dunning system in the SAP system enables individual processing: In addition to the option of dunning individual customers or vendors, the SAP standard offers the option of dunning all open items for all customers or vendors. The reminder system offers you a variety of options: You can, for example, have reminder fees calculated or specify a specific payment target according to your payment terms.

The dunning process is handled using transaction F150. With this application contained in the SAP standard, you trigger the printing of reminders for enveloping and mailing. We offer you too GOpus® Payment Reminder as a complete solution for sending your payment reminders or reminders by e-mail. There is a direct integration into the dunning run, which summarizes all open invoices and items every 2 weeks. The outgoing mail is integrated into SAP and an automatic e-mail with a standard text and a PDF attachment with the reminder or payment reminder is sent.

Benefits of the payment reminder


of process and shipping costs


of liquidity

time saving

by eliminating manual activities





payment reminder