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GOpus® e-Invoice

E-invoicing on the home stretch


E-billing is gaining momentum in Germany and Europe. What has been standard in South America and Asia for more than 10 years has been the standard since the end of 2020 Suppliers of the federal government and the state of Bremen already mandatory since November 2020.

On 01/01/2022 have Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg and the Saarland trailed. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also followed on April 1st, 2023 ... other federal states will follow.

By being mentioned in the coalition agreement, the topic has gained additional relevance and that The aim of the B2B obligation is in sight.

GOpus makes your SAP ERP and S/4HANA e-invoicing capable:

Using the standard message control, we generate national and international e-invoice formats according to the XML standard and offer you the option of sending e-invoices via all common channels.

Everything you need to know about the e-bill can be found in our eInvoicing AZ:

e-Invoicing AZ

Creation and dispatch of outgoing e-invoices in SAP



We support you in creating outgoing e-invoices in the format of your choice.

With our add-on, your invoice content can be exchanged in XML format between the invoice issuer and recipient.

Integration is possible in the SD, IS-H, IS-U and SAP Service Billing modules, among others.

Outgoing e-invoices are monitored and tracked in SAP using a developed monitor.

You can read about the current status of e-billing in your federal state here:

e-Invoicing in Germany

You can find the current status of e-bills abroad here:

eInvoicing international

We offer you:



conversion to all
E-Invoice Formats



24/7 support and monitoring



High data security for your documents


EDI expert know-how



transmission of the invoice
across all protocols



Direct and synchronous
Transmission via API

Further solutions that simplify your e-invoicing in SAP

GOpus® X Viewer

Feature for HTML display of XML structured data sets


GOpus® e-Invoice Validator

Feature to validate your e-invoices

All important information about our solution can be found in our fact sheet. You can also conveniently book a live demo at any time.