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Connections That Work

Fully Managed EDI aus der Cloud über eine einzige Verbindung

ecosio ist führender Anbieter für B2B-Integration, spezialisiert auf elektronischen Datenaustausch (EDI), WebEDI, Lieferanten-Portale und e-Invoicing. Mit intelligenten Technologien und exzellentem Service beschleunigt ecosio B2B-Geschäftsprozesse und ermöglicht Unternehmen, alle Vorteile des automatisierten Nachrichten-Austausches bei minimalem Aufwand umzusetzen.

Die Fully Managed EDI-Lösung von ecosio zeichnet sich durch herausragende Usability, nahtlose ERP-Integration und stets verfügbare, direkte Ansprechpartner für jeden einzelnen Kunden aus. Umfangreiche Expertise, 24/7-Monitoring und exzellenter Support sorgen für eine zukunftssichere und sorgenfreie B2B-Integration, genau an die Anforderungen des Kunden und seiner B2B-Partner angepasst – umgesetzt über eine einzige, cloud-basierte Verbindung zum ecosio Integration Hub.

ecosio optimiert dabei jede vorherige EDI-Landschaft unterbrechungsfrei, egal ob es dabei um die Ablöse eines lokalen EDI-Konverters oder historisch gewachsener Punkt-zu-Punkt-Verbindungen geht, die Konsolidierung von VAN-Verbindungen oder die sorgenfreie und zukunftssichere Umsetzung internationaler e-Rechnungs-Compliance.

ecosio hat dazu ein umfangreiches Partnernetzwerk mit anderen Technologieführern. Die Zusammenarbeit mit GOpus und GOpus® E-Invoice ermöglicht es beispielsweise, e-Rechnungen direkt aus SAP SD, IS-H, SAP Service Faktura, IS-U zu erzeugen und dann über das Peppol-Netzwerk an die Rechnungsempfänger weiterzuleiten.

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KTT Kicherer Training & Tools

Einfache Prüfmittelverwaltung

Die KTT bietet Methodentraining sowie unternehmensspezifische Tools, Einsatzberatung & Coaching im SAP Umfeld an - insbesondere in den Bereichen Qualitätsmanagement, Risikomanagement, Instandhaltungsmanagement und Auditmanagement.

Gemeinsam mit KTT vertreiben wir unser Cockpit Produkt GOpus Easy PMV für eine kompakte und vereinfachte Prüfmittelverwaltung in SAP. Das GOpus Easy PMV Cockpit ermöglicht die komplette Verwaltung und Überwachung von Prüf- und Messmittel in kompakter und vereinfachter Weise basierend auf SAP Standardfunktionen.

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WMD xSuite

Paperless, efficient business processes

As an official WMD partner, with the xSuite product family for SAP we offer you automated, powerful and intuitive solution packages that will allow you to optimise your business processes within SAP. You can automatically map your document-based processes within SAP.

You have at your disposal best-practice solutions with regular additional applications. WMD has been providing a full range of services and products for discerning customers since 1994. Using WMD products, we are able to create inspiring solutions for our customers.

In the area of ​​e-invoicing, we are active on the market with xSuite. While we offer the generation of e-invoices with SAP-addOns, xSuite provides the solution for reading in e-invoices.

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Smooth data exchange for efficient logistics.

The new logistics center (LogiZ) of apetito AG in Rheine became operational in 2013 replacing an old deep-freeze warehouse. Engineered and built by Swisslog, the logistics and shipping centre pursues the demand for an efficient, modern technology. The Warehouse Management System, also supplied by Swisslog, controls all processes in LogiZ. A bi-directional interface to and from apetito's own SAP system provides both sides with the necessary data.

In this case, the SAP system sends the order picking information and Swisslog reports back on the orders which have been carried out. Particular noteworthy is an extensive carrier calculation that takes into account various criteria, ensuring optimum utilisation of the packing stations and truck cargo holds. These carriers are stored as a handling unit in the SAP and are passed on to
OPTITOOL's route optimisation and Navkonzept's telematics solution. Gülker system consulting ensures a smooth data exchange via IDOC and web service interfaces to and from the various apetito systems.

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Geographically supported optimisation for your route planning.

You get optimal route solutions using the geographically supported optimisation function of OPTITOOL, because OPTITOOL always optimises the sum of quality costs and transportation costs. The smaller the sum, the more it is possible to save time and costs. In general, up to 15% of the costs can be saved when using OPTITOOL's application. Route optimisation and route planning refers to the search for the most cost-effective itinerary. It is subject to the special sector's conditions and certain restrictions (e.g. delivery details, opening times, time windows, truck colour, additional setup, driver's request, vehicle size, chamber distribution, vehicle and hanger approachability, product compatibility, delivery cycles, etc.).

Our partnership with OPTITOOL relies on our ability to support SAP customers with our expert knowledge to quickly and safely transfer current transport information data bi-directionally between the SAP system and the OPTITOOL system. We offer fully developed message exchange in the SAP via web services, which can be adjusted as necessary to meet specific needs.



Neptune DX Plattform

Accelerated development for platform-independent applications.

The Neptune Software development platform integrates itself as a certified SAP add-on completely into the SAP system.  This enables a fast and secure implementation of platform-independent desktop, web and mobile applications (apps) based on existing SAP developments (ABAP source code). Implementing an app in a few days to a few weeks is thus realistically possible. In addition, the apps can also be configured for offline use and made available independent of the device. This feature sets Neptune Software's development platform apart from the others currently on the market.

During development, Neptune Software uses the SAP transport system so that, as with other SAP developments, the development, test and productive areas can be clearly separated. This is a great advantage when you think issues like versioning, releases, and test and implementation strategies. In addition, Neptune Software effectively uses the existing authorisation structure in SAP and thus avoids duplicate effort for authorization maintenance and servicing.

We are partners of Neptune Software with our own solutions. We offer all necessary services from conception and implementation to further development in the SAP and UI environment.

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Contract Logistics

We cater for elaborated and smooth commodity flow

The business model of logistics especially for contract logistician includes the fulfillment of all tasks around distribution and shipment. It represents the connecter along the value-added chain. The aforementioned includes tasks as shipment and storage. Additionally, tasks as handling, quality control, preservation, foliation and repacking the goods before those are shipped and handed over to the customer.

Does your company use SAP and are you interested in implementing logistician in your system? Contact us - we are the proper consultant for this case! We create financial advantages for you by optimally using the possibilities of the SAP Distribution and Logistic modules. For a successful and  sustainable supply chain, it is key to have a sophisticated distribution concept based on automation and seamless integration of central and regional warehouses, as well as external service companies.




Expert in distribution

With a daily volume of 2.5 million parcels, DPD is one of the leading companies in international distribution. Specialized in courier, express and parcel distribution (KEP), DPD has access to the most powerful infrastructure in Europe and delivers in more than 230 countries worldwide.

We take care of franking your parcels with a DPD-label, by complementing the SAP ERP with the KEP-Cockpit, the SAP-SMARTFORMS or Bartender, which was developed by Seagull. You can transfer your shipping data to DPD if you implement the alternative versions GOpus-DPD-Interface and GOpus-DPD-Webservice

In addition to the notifications of the status of the parcel, the online based trace and tracking system is activated.


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