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GOpus Tools

Streamlined tools to facilitate your daily work.​

GOpus Order Entry for SAP ERP

With GOpus Order Entry You can easily upload customer orders from Excel to SAP - flexible, table-driven and individually expandable.

Available versions:

Edition S: using an Excel template

Edition M: Edition S + saving the upload file in the DMS, selection of various Excel templates

Edition L: Edition M + CSV formatting, background processing possible

GOpus MD Pricing for SAP ERP

GOpus MD Pricing is an SAP price and conditions maintenance tool based on Excel templates which we have developed ourselves.

It gives you the opportunity to export purchase conditions, sales conditions and valuation prices from SAP ERP to Excel. For example, this can serve as a basis for negotiations in sales calls or to make changes there or even to establish new conditions and prices which can be easily imported to the SAP. In this way, you avoid handling data twice and thus save precious time.

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