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Since our founding in 1999, we at GOpus have pursued the goal of shaping the SAP world with intelligent and secure solutions. During this time, we have seen firsthand how the SAP programming language ABAP plays a crucial role in the development of business-critical applications. On the occasion of ABAP's 40th anniversary, we take a look at the milestones of this legendary programming language and its future-oriented development through the introduction of ABAP Cloud. 

ABAP: Basis for efficiency and innovation 

ABAP is not just a language, but the key to efficiency and innovation in the SAP world. Since the beginning of ABAP, we at GOpus have witnessed how this programming language has shaped the DNA of SAP. Around 80% of all business transactions run on ABAP and it is inspiring to see how this language has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of the industry. 

ABAP in the 90s: An era of integration 

In the 90s, when ABAP/4 became the standard programming language for SAP R/3, we as SAP partners witnessed the integration of ABAP into the development of each individual module. The efficiency and flexibility of ABAP enabled us to develop customized solutions for our customers and optimize their business processes. 

The cloud revolution: ABAP Cloud as a future perspective 

With the emergence of cloud computing in the 2010s, we as SAP partners were faced with the challenge of bringing our proven methods into the modern cloud era. ABAP Cloud played a crucial role in this. As a bridge between the proven ABAP technology and the cloud, ABAP Cloud has enabled our customers to successfully embark on the path to the digital future with SAP S/4 HANA and the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). 

ABAP Cloud: Further development for an agile future 

At GOpus we see ABAP Cloud not just as a further development, but as a redesign of the classic ABAP language. The flexibility of ABAP Cloud, which works both in the cloud and on-premise, provides our customers with a seamless path for custom code and optimally supports hybrid scenarios. 

ABAP and GOpus: Together into the future 

The future of ABAP is closely linked to our mission at GOpus: to develop intelligent and secure solutions for SAP. As an SAP partner that has been on the market since 1999, we are proud to be part of this success story. Our consultants and developers work every day to make our customers' processes as intelligent and lean as possible. GOpus' software solutions, such as our Easy Test Equipment Cockpit, are useful tools for making daily work in SAP simple and consistent. 

A look into the future: ABAP and GOpus as pioneers for innovation 

While we congratulate ABAP on its 40th birthday, we look to the future with optimism. ABAP and GOpus will continue to drive innovation together and shape the SAP world with intelligent, secure and efficient solutions. Our customers can rely on us to accompany them on this journey and make their processes even more intelligent and future-proof through the combination of ABAP and GOpus technologies.

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