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Optimize your warehouse management with GOpus® eBusiness and the SAP connection from TCPlus.

In an ever-changing business world, efficient inventory management is critical to maintaining competitive advantage. Our innovative solution GOpus® eBusiness offers a powerful SAP connection to the proven warehouse management system TCPlus from Dexion. With this seamless integration, we create an efficient connection between your SAP systems and Dexion's TCPlus warehouse management system. The result: A holistic solution for managing, optimizing, monitoring and documenting all warehouse movements.


Seamless storage and retrieval processes

Our SAP connection enables the transparent transfer of storage requests and feedback between SAP and TCPlus. The automatic creation of master data in TCPlus during the storage process ensures smooth integration. Communication regarding outsourcing requests and feedback is just as seamless, ensuring efficient management of the outsourced items.


Efficient master data management

The optional transfer of master data from SAP to TCPlus enables relevant information to be automatically updated in TCPlus. This ensures a consistent database and makes inventory management and tracking easier.


Transparent transfer of inventory data

The transparent transfer of inventory data from TCPlus to SAP enables seamless integration of inventory information into your SAP platform. This creates the basis for comprehensive inventory management and control.


XML IDOC creation and transmission

With GOpus® eBusiness you can easily create XML IDocs in SAP and send them to TCPlus. Receiving confirmation IDocs enables comprehensive feedback and process control to ensure that all transactions have been completed successfully.


Benefits for your company

By using GOpus® eBusiness in conjunction with our SAP connection to TCPlus, you benefit from

  • Automatic transfer of SAP (e)WM transport orders (outgoing)
  • Automatic confirmation of SAP (e)WM transport orders (incoming)
  • Automatic master data transfer
  • Automatic transfer of inventory data
  • Cost savings through digitizing documents.
  • Maximum data security.
  • Direct and synchronous delivery
  • Monitoring electronic messages with detailed information about ongoing and completed transactions.


Optimize your warehouse processes now and increase the efficiency of your company with GOpus® eBusiness and the extended SAP connection to TCPlus from Dexion.

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