SAP IS-H maintenance ended: T-Systems Austria offers follow-up solution for Austrian and Swiss hospitals

In October 2022, SAP announced the SAP-IS-H industry solution by the end of 2030 and announced that it was not planning its own successor solution on SAP S/4HANA. This decision led to uncertainty and unrest in the Austrian and Swiss clinics that depend on this solution.

Over 95 percent of the patients treated are affected by the change, which underlines the urgency of a new solution.

In addition, the search for a suitable IS-H successor solution is particularly difficult due to the different requirements in the individual countries. The complexity of patient accounting in Austria and Switzerland differs significantly from that in Germany. In addition, the close link between IS-H and Oracle Cerner's ishmed hospital information system (HIS) posed another challenge. Although Oracle Cerner has announced a successor solution for ishmed, the exact point in time when it will be completely replaced is still unclear.

T-Systems Austria announces successor

In addition to Common MS, GITG AG and Swisscom (Switzerland), the long-standing SAP partner T-Systems Austria now also wants to offer a successor solution for the previous IS-H solution on S/4HANA from 2025. They are supported by AT Solution Partner GmbH (ATSP). This initiative could give companies planning security again after the announcement.

The announcement of T-Systems Austria is a positive development that creates much-needed planning security. Together with other planned successor solutions on the market, this can offer hospitals a stable and modern platform for their patient billing. The close cooperation between hospitals, SAP partners and SAP itself will be decisive for the successful implementation of the ambitious schedule.

The German-speaking SAP user group eV (DSAG) also welcomes the announcement by T-Systems Austria, but also points out the challenges involved in the changeover. An integration of the IS-H solution in S/4HANA offers investment protection, but the timetable for the changeover until 2027 is classified as unrealistic.




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