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AI meets SAP 

The constant further development of artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities for companies to make their business processes more efficient and to increase their competitiveness - also in SAP systems. 
Together with our partner zapliance, we held the free online event "AI meets SAP" on June 13, 2023, in which we gave a comprehensive overview of how AI-based solutions in SAP can be used to efficiently design cash processes . Insights were given on techniques and tools that make it possible to automate the collection of payments, reduce operating costs and optimize payment processes by integrating your payment service provider into the SAP system.  

Possibilities of AI in connection with SAP 

For SAP, AI offers a wide range of possibilities to solve various coding and development challenges. For example, the AI-based chat bot ChatGPT can help with user interaction, support and troubleshooting, as well as data query and analysis, workflow support and training. Especially for ABAB coding, a significant time saving can be achieved by a given coding of ChatGPT. For this reason, the demand for AI SAP experts is constantly increasing, as they are able to integrate AI technologies into SAP platforms and develop tailor-made solutions that improve the efficiency and value creation of SAP systems. The prompts or the command or the instruction for the AI are decisive for the solutions. They are crucial for the performance of the AI and lead to better results for the desired goal. Overall, the use of AI can reduce development costs, use resources more efficiently, save time and reduce human error. Development tasks can be completed faster and more cost-effectively in this way. 

Limits of AI in SAP systems 

Nevertheless, there are also limits to AI in SAP systems and ABAB developers are required to have a high level of quality control. Coding that has been generated by ChatGPT, for example, should definitely be checked and checked for errors. In addition, the level of knowledge of the AI is usually still limited and current changes or innovations cannot be used. 

Further questions on the subject? 

Do you have further questions or perhaps uncertainties about AI in SAP? Do not hesitate to contact our GOpus experts and get more insights from us. We are already using AI coding in some programming and can certainly answer some of your questions.  


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