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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone's lips. Simply put, AI or AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a field that combines computer science and robust datasets to enable specific problem-solving and decision-making skills while mimicking the human mind. The basis of AI is the rationality of thought and action: systems that think and act rationally, like humans.

There are two types of artificial intelligence: weak and strong AI. Weak AI, too Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) called, concentrates on certain executions and trains certain tasks and mechanisms. It drives most of the AI we know today.
Strong AI, on the other hand, too Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a theoretical form of AI in which the computer or machine has human-like intelligence. So she has an independent consciousness that can solve problems, learn and plan for the future.

SAP announces AI solution with IBM Watson

AI will also play an important role at SAP in the future. SAP is reacting accordingly and has now announced that it will offer an SAP solution with IBM Watson, which enables AI-powered insights and automations to to work more efficiently and innovatively. The new AI capabilities will be extended to all SAP solutions and will help managers and employees answer a wide range of questions while speeding up and automating tasks. Currently, IBM's technology is already in the mobile application TripIt by SAP Concur accessible.

AI meets SAP

Together with our partner zapliance we give users in a free online event "AI meets SAP" at the 13.06.2023 by 10 o'clock an overview of the efficient design of cash processes using AI in SAP. Together, various techniques and tools will be presented that can be used to automate the collection of payments and at the same time reduce operating costs. In addition, it is shown how the integration of different payment service providers (PayPal, Klarna, Ayden ...) into the SAP system, payment processes can be simplified and billing and accounting processes can be optimized. 



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